Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost Trouble

I had a small problem with the front rack mount breaking; this could have been disaster had this happened while riding. I take the next 20 minutes to fix the mount and soon start my day.

I follow some great bike paths along the canals and rivers on my way to Maastricht where I get coffee and pick up stuff at the market. I had stopped by a bike store yesterday to find a stronger bolt for my rack and had asked for a washer as well, the man helping me told me that no I did not need one - well today I find myself looking for one and find this at the market as well.

After spending some time with e-mail I continue toward Liege. I make it to town by 3:00 and take in a Duval Beer while sitting at a cafe in downtown. I think the beer is over carbonated, but it has a strong a consistent flavor throughout the pallet, understated aroma and taste, but both are present.

On the way to town I found myself on the wrong side of the river as I pass through the cement plants and the industrial section on my way to the center of town. I find the north side has a very working class feel, even the buildings are made of gray stone and everyone of them needing to be washed.

It is OK to eat stuff that is 4 hours old if it has been in your backpack - right?

I head out of Liege to find a campsite and do so just outside of the resort town of Tilff - a nice site by the river that I will be following in the morning. There seems to be a sporting event going on for I can hear the crowd and the DJ music well into the night.

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  1. The Fantastic Beer Journey! Please get one of those massive stein's for me at O'fest! _Wilk