Monday, September 21, 2009

Rhine River Valley

Sorry, this day got missed while posting the other day.

Back up to just after ``the tail of two cities`` and insert this installment.

I wake up in Strasbourg not knowing if I want to stay in town for two nights or move on but I still pack everything. I cruise town get a coffee and decide to head to the town of Colmar. On the map I see that there is a bike route along the canal heading south of town so I take it to the end. It is nice that there is a trail but the bumps from the tree roots cause for a slower approach. The second part of the ride brings me through small French towns where everyone farms. Each house in town had the barn behind it with everything you would expect to see on any farm in the American countryside this lead to lots of farm equipment on the road with each town showing up every 3 kilometers or so.

Roofs of the homes tell a different story in them as I travel through starting with the reed roofs of the Netherlands, the flatter roofs of Belgium buildings and the sharper pointed clay tile roofs of German houses.

I coast up to a stop putting all my weight on the left pedal after swinging my right foot over and think that has got to be stressing something - ping spoke #2 breaks. Limping into town again I find one bike store with no time to help but later I am able to locate a Decathlon Store and they do a great job of helping me out.

I head out of town toward Frieburg and find a spot in the forest just before Widensolen in a small thicket. As darkness is falling I hear something like a shot and pass it off for a breaking branch. 15 minutes later I hear a shot loud and clear this time from across the road, I hope they don't come hunting on my side of the road. Darkness falls as the rain starts to come in heavy.

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