Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feeling Damp

It rained all night long and I was up wondering if that would mean clear skies for the next day - no deal, but it quit raining at least. I stayed dry but as you can imagine things still get damp through the night and while packing.

I cross into Germany over the Rhine River one of the largest in the region. I expected to see grapes on the French side of the river but the vineyards are on the German side where the limestone bluffs rising up.

Once I cross I quickly got lost and found myself at the same point I was 40 minutes earlier. The sun has only shown up a couple of times so far on the trip and without being able to see it I get turned around allot.

On the way to Frieburg I get lost again going through the town of Tiengen and find myself at the same point I was 1 hour earlier. I break two more spokes going into town so when I get there I pick up everything I need to make repairs on the road.

I decide to get a room and dry my stuff out where I set up the tent to let it dry completely, while seeing Frieburg in the process for it is at night when you are able to see how a town moves. I find that this city has more of a balance between working class, tourism & a college. There are also more homeless people here than any other city so far. Metz however was the place where I was asked to donate or engage in some way the most.

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