Sunday, September 6, 2009

Seeing Paris

Today Dave, and a professor from the school, Doug Frank and I are going on a bike ride in the area south east of Fountainebleau which takes us through the countryside where the ancient French boarder existed. The hills are rolling and the towns are frequent as we travel the 60k loop stopping at a few places, one to pick food and another to see what they are selling at a community yard sale. I am glad to get in a little ride in France before moving on to Amsterdam.

Chris insists that I must see Paris so we head out to the city for the second part of the day going to Notre Dame Church and then through the Louver and the on to the Champs d'lysees to view the cobbles and the Arch at the end of the promenade. We picked up a ticket at the station but getting the bike on might be a little problem as the ticket master tells us we have to break it down into packages - we'll see.

The day ends early as we get to bed just after midnight. This will be good training for trying to keep up with Erika once I get to Munich.

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  1. Hey Neil,

    Very DIY! For us armchair jockeys, how about some daily stats: miles, cash, beers, cigarettes - you know, Bridget Jones stuff. Love the ambiance of the snaps!