Monday, September 21, 2009


I had too much beer last night and paid the price this morning. The problem was everyone was dressed in the Oktoberfest outfits for the event was to be starting the next day and I got caught up in the atmosphere and stayed too long enjoying the moment - ouch.

Got on the road by 9:00 heading southwest for the train line bad while traveling meet Sebastian who was riding the same direction this morning. We had a great conversation as we traveled through the countryside talking about everything from cycling & politics to kids & education.

To everyone I meet on this ride lets try to stay in touch.

I know that Munich will be packed with visitors going to the Oktoberfest event and I do not have a room booked for the next two nights. If I stay in the countryside I might find a place but I will have to make it to town and then try to find a place for that night anyway. I take the gamble to go to town and see if I find a place to stay or not and get a train ticket out of Turkeim to get there.

Once in Munich I stop by my friend Erika Bloch's house to say hello and search for a room. The town is pack and the rooms are booked and with dinner plans 45 minutes away I head to the Englisher Garden and head north until I find a thicket of trees that will work out just fine. Erika and her friends keep me up till just after 11:00, early on her schedule, and I am able to find my way through the darkness to my bed for the night. The specific ``Bootleg`` camp spot training has paid off on this trip.

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