Monday, September 14, 2009

Tilff to Rochefort

I forgot to get my shower coins the night before and find myself ready to go before they open - oh well. If you think that you are going to wait until things open before you get going you would not get moving until noon, so it is best to just start pedaling and get breakfast when you can on the road. If you start to late the campgrounds are closed, or at least closed for diner.

It is 11:30 and I am in Hamoir for coffee and a bad pizza baguette.

I cut a cross the hills to Barvaux seeing part of the Belgium countryside for the first time that is not up against the river. Since I have left Liege it is the river Ourthe that I have been following up stream for most of the way. Sometimes I am following the river where the trail turns to dirt at times and sometimes over hills next to traffic, which is a much shorter route between the two.

I find my way to the Abbaye St. Remy on the outside of town only to find that they are all in prayer on this day or at least after 5:00PM. Back to the center of town where I try to get a decent photo of the towns castle, but no luck. I sit downtown and enjoy the Rochefort (with Crepe’s and fruit) - very enjoyable. I tried the Rochefort 10 the other night and I do not like the licorice taste that it has. While getting something to eat I am asked if I am from England, which has happened quite a bit this trip. When I reply Colorado I get a big smile from the person asking and a lot of times they repeat - Colorado. He then goes on to say - You are very lucky to be living in America, his wife adds that she does not like a lot of what she sees from America.

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