Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tale of two cites

Metz is the star of the Moselle River Valley. It was nice to start the day with a real breakfast and coffee, something they served at the hotel, but everyone one was open in this town for they are ready to serve the tourists on their schedule.

Seeing churches from the outside is only half the fun and every chance I get I go inside to see the rest of the story. Metz has some of the best churches around and I get to go in two of them both telling the stories of the bible as dramatically as they can. After looking at my route the night before I have planned some more sections by train.

Today I ride from Metz to Nancy along the Moselle river, not the best choice for a ride as the trail ends in 10 kilometers or so and I must find my way on route with heavier traffic. Early on I get a flat and later break a rear spoke on the cog set side of course. I take it easy the last 15k to Nancy only to not find a bike store anywhere. I guess I expected more from the town. Next stop the train station and I buy a ticket to Strasbourg 22 Euros.

As the train takes me through the countryside I am not sure if I am missing something or not.

I find a bike store in town and have the spoke fixed in minutes. Since the sun is going down I think of getting another room only to find everything in town is booked. I get directions to a campsite and make my way to it getting lost for only a little while. Streets in some of these towns only have a name for one block then it changes to another name so to make it 3 kilometers and only 2 turns I was on 13 different streets. Camp was close to town, but other that that it was pretty crappy by European standards.

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