Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flying into Paris

Being that this is only my second trip to Europe, I was still excited enough to prevent me from sleeping much on the trip leading to being very tired by the time I made it into Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Chris Stevenson picked me up and brought me back to their place, which they refer to as the Museum.

As many of you know I am still trying to nail down what I might be doing the rest of my life and I hope some answers will come as I travel through Northern Europe. The trip will take me to places I have only read about in cycling magazines or seen on TV as the race their bike through.

After seeing the price that United wanted for shipping a bike back and forth from the States I decided to buy a bike when I got here so today (Friday) I will be out looking for the bike that I plan to use on the trip. I should be able to sell the bike in Munich to a friend who owns a second hand store.


  1. Yeah, Neil- have so much fun! Keep us posted with many more blog posts and photos. I'm excited to see the bike you decide to buy.

    Have a blast-

    Julie Hudak

  2. How fun! I never can sleep on the way over. Hope you find a good set of wheels to get you around. Keep us posted!

  3. Wow, Neil. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome trip.

    from Mynders