Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paris to Amsterdam

Sorry no photos for a while.

I want to take the time to thank my wife Kris for giving me the time to do the trip, thanks and I love you so much.

Today starts with everything that you want in a trip to make it exciting; lots of packing, a cancelled train & the unknown of how the bike will make it on the train. I made it with 3 minutes to spare. If you are ever going to try this here is how it works. You will need to break your bike down to get it on this particular train, everything you can in bags - wheels off, seat off, bars off hanging on the cables - the frame will be squeezed between the seat backs sticking up vertically. The tough part will be getting through the ticket styles with all your stuff - ask for help as well as getting to your train car. Without the help of Chris and Dave I would have not made it through this section of the trip, if you ever try this get to the station hours before you train leaves.

Once on the train I am able to relax and I find myself with a great group of traveling companions which makes the rest of the 4= hour trip go by fast. I depart at the airport for it is closer to the campground that Monty recommended and not much past the entrance I meet someone who takes me to the entrance; he tells me that "the Netherlands are so flat you can see tomorrow coming", great campsite by the way.

I make it to downtown Amsterdam as quick as I can for the sun is setting and I want to be able to see around a little before I try to make my way back later. I pick up a Turkish Pizza at one place and move on to pick up a Heineken, belive me they are different tasting over here. I take in a little of the strip as I head for the campsite stopping at one last pub for the night, the man at the bar tells me of the "Bierking" which has over 600 European beers available - next time.

I know I am a few posts behind but I must move on - this post came from Hertogenbosch around 1:10 on Wednesday.


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