Friday, September 11, 2009

Tiel to Tilburg - In search of Koningshoeven

Up early and packed, I am going to get an early start, but an early start is best done with coffee. It is farther down the road than I thought so it takes me until about 8:45 until I arrive in Tiel, later that I had hoped and yet there is nothing open until 9:30 aggghhh... I want to keep moving and it takes me a while to find the ferry across the river and by the time I do the church bell rings 9:30 - I move on.

Everyone is riding bikes in the Netherlands - I meet a group as we load onto the boat across the river. There are at least in there 60's and 70's out today for a 70k route, which I am sure, will include a few beers along the way.

The next part of my route takes me along the river heading SW towards Hertogenbosch where I make it to the center of the square for lunch spending an hour and watching the end of a wedding.

I feel the pressure of making it to camp and getting to Koningshoeven (one of 7 Trappist Breweries) as well. I make it to Koningshoeven to have 1 beer and move on. I know I am not doing the place justice but I can describe a wonderful setting with sculptures in the garden. Lots of people arriving on bikes to enjoy a beverage before cycling onward.

I make my way to the Safari Park / Campground where the lady at the desk tells me to take the back road through the park to the campsites. I find they are closed for the season so I decide to poach a site in the woods inside the park - as I am in there I see them make the rounds locking the gate between the two parks - I hope I will be able to get out in the morning.

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