Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Blues

I wake this morning not feeling as excited as days before, my wife is home dealing with rental problems, which I know she will handle just fine, but the real responsibilities lay waiting for me upon my return, getting a job.

I am packed and ready by 8:30 AM and I want to take some of the back roads to Orval Abbaye. I start by heading to Jemelle back up the road a few kilometers then head out over the hills only to end up going to some private farms, back down the hill to town for another route. I climb some steep cobblestone hills and find my way going onto a major highway at the same time the train station appears. 10.90 Euros later and my bike and I are going to be dropped of half way.

I knew this trip would be an inward journey as well as a trip across Europe and as I stop by places and talk to people along the way the feeling is that I have been dealt a pretty good hand. At the same time the pace of life here itself does not lead to ambitious thinking, it will be interesting to get to Germany.

As I am approaching Orval I am heading down a hill with few cars on it and I have the feeling that I am going down a one way street with the place closed at the other end, lucky me I am coming from the backside and the place is packed and waiting for me to arrive. I think that the distinctive taste of the Orval product is one of the best from the area.

When I pull into a place to ask directions or a place to camp everyone is always very helpful and tonight is no different as a group of kids help me out with very little words in common between us. The campground is only 3 kilometers away and they are still open, great.

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