Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finding a Bike

I have been looking for a bike to make the journey that will not cost too much and still have what it takes to make the trip comfortably with some type of resale value at the other end, or so I hope. Getting the bike running has been reliving to say the least.

I pick up an inexpensive bike at the Decathlon store and then search for a front rack, which ends up leading me to modify a rear rack to fit the front. I had brought just enough pieces to be able to make some mounts and secure the rack to the bike.

Chris also takes me to the artist community of Barbizon where some of the great impressionist painters of France lived during the late 1800's. It was great to see the studios and the landscapes of the great artist of Francehelps put some since of place to their art.


  1. Gee; beer in every other picture. How very uncharacteristic of you Neil.

    Wait; I've got it. French impressionist painters... it's your idea of still life.