Thursday, September 17, 2009

Closing in on France

I sleep well most of the night with the rain spitting on me through the night, but when I look out in the morning it is clear - no luck for by the time I pack and leave the clouds are back.

Without many bike routes in the area I am trying to piece together some of the smaller roads to make my way. This leads to going out of the way and climbing more hills only to come back down them again after going the wrong way. 23 kilometers later after having ridden more like 35 and the rain is starting to appear again, I have yet to eat breakfast so I head to the train station and take the next bus ride to Metz.

I find an Internet cafe and catch up with what is happening at home and post some blog notes as well. Metz is by far the most urban of the cities that I have visited so far. The shopping area is filled with international brands and very upscale retail shops as well. Fashion is king in this town with many people dressed really nice as they shop on the promenade. With the rain finally coming to town I find a hotel room for the night - good choice for the rain really starts to come down for a while. I find some of the best churches of the trip so far and part of a roman aqueduct just outside of town also.

When I got to Amsterdam I stopped by a Kebab place and had a great chicken wrap, then I had a Turkish Pizza at another place, then again somewhere - one more Kebab place and I will throw up Kebab.

The rain picks up and chases the shoppers away but I don't have to ride out of town quick tonight and find a campsite so I relax at a cafe before heading to the hotel.

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