Saturday, September 19, 2009

I must have been crazy

I slept great at the hotel and they serve breakfast as well. I buy a ticket through the Black Forest and the climb was 3,000´feet, if it was sunny I might have tried it. Upon traveling over the hill by train I see that the trip would have been a tough day with the whole Black Forest taking 3-5 days with all your touring gear.

I was planning to stay at Christoph Barth's place by the Bodensee but his plans changed and his business will have a place under the Schottenhamel tent at 12:00 am on Sunday and he has a spot waiting for me. I make the decision to take the train all the way to Ulm on the eastern side of the Black Forest. It is 4:00pm by the time I get off the train and before I get out of town, I break the 5th spoke at this point but it only takes 10 minutes to fix it then I am off.

Down the road a cyclist, Eric who slows down and asks where I am going, passes me. I explain what I am up to and that I will be looking for a Gusthaus for the night where upon we ride for the next 20k to a great place in his hometown of Wiessenhorn. If I had not broken the spoke I would has missed this encounter.

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