Saturday, September 5, 2009


The day starts with a bit of rain and a mission to find a bike to ride on the trip. Of course you must start by going to the street market to get the food you will need for the next few day as well as for the party that Chris and Dave are throwing for friends from school.

The search for a bike starts in Fountainbleu but we soon end up at the Decatholon store which is a large sports store located in a mall. Although the bike I am looking at is inexpensive and at the low end of the market I feel it will do just fine for the trip, 170 Euro.

Chris and I spend the rest of the day getting supplies for the evenings party and picking up the last few things for my trip, maps, space blanket and a clothesline.

The party consisted of friends from, six of the seven continents and various countries such as Russia, Germany, India, Thailand, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Columbia and of course the U.S.


  1. Party on! Glad you found a set of wheels....

  2. Don't forget to turn all of this into a book Neil. I wnat an autographed 'first edition' please. :-)


  3. I'll learn to spell 'want' correctly later.