Friday, September 11, 2009

Amsterdam South

The man who showed me the campground left me with the phrase "The Netherlands are so flat you can see tomorrow coming" today I will find out why. I get my stuff washed & packed and I start heading south. I want to put as many kilometers behind me just in case the weather turns bad. I knew there would be some bike paths in this country but everywhere you go there is a path for bikes. To see how fluid everyone is on their bikes is like watching a perfect dance with unknown partners, never missing a step.

I found Utrecht to be a bustling city where I was able to catch lunch and watch the people riding their bikes to and fro.

I make it to the campsite outside of Tiel just in time for they have already closed their gates and some working in the shop is able to check me in. I ride back to see Buren to find it almost vacant, no one on the streets except for a few on their bikes and a few at a cafe, almost spooky.

1st night in the tent and early to bed as well.

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